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Some of Our Current Projects

English for Absolute Beginners

English for Beginners

Workplace English 1 and 2

Entry zero ESOL, with an introduction to the Roman script to prepare learners for a mainstream Beginner A1 English course.
This course is for adults who have never learned English. 
This is to help people understand, speak, read and write more effectively in English for their workplace.  It uses authentic materials to improve working conditions in Belfast and beyond.
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Hotel and Hospitality English

English for Health and Social Care Assistants

English for Nursing 1 and 2

English for the hospitality industry, such as workers in hotels and restaurants.
It is ideal for front-line staff who need to communicate confidently in English to maintain good customer relations.
For all health and social care workers who do not speak English as their first language. This includes health and social workers,
care home managers, care home assistants, health care assistants and more.
Designed for students with the need to understand, speak, read and write better English in a care home, nursing home or hospital.
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English for Job Hunting

Communicating Across Cultures

Belfast for Beginners

Designed for B1 (and above) Learners who need to understand, speak, read and write better English in the job-hunting process in Belfast.
Designed for students with the need to
understand, speak, read and write better English at work in Belfast.
A short course designed to introduce Belfast to newcomers (A2 and above) and to help them adjust to life in the city. 
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Volunteering on the Programme

Belfast for Better English

Teaching Absolute Beginners

A course designed to help those who are teaching Absolute Beginners anywhere.  It gives you the tools and information needed to get the most of our absolute beginner classes.
The BELFAST Self Access Centre allows people to come to the centre and self study for any level of English or request 1-to-1 tutoring for specific roles.
Details on volunteering at The BELFAST Programme, giving people a chance to work with other cultures and communities across Northern Ireland and improve their CV at the same time.
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The BELFAST Self Access Centre

Open 10.00-13.00, Tuesday-Thursday.
Lots of recent and relevant material for autonomous learners of English!

Adult Learners of English as a Foreign Language can get help with:

Language: Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation.
Skills: Listening  >  Speaking  >  Reading  >  Writing.
Level:  Every level. Beginner, Elementary, Lower intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced.

Access and use of the centre is entirely free.

The focus of this resource is on:
  • Understanding the issues, challenges and problems of you and your English.
  • Developing your knowledge and understanding of a range of tools and techniques, plus some tips and tricks, that can support you to improve your English.
  • Networking with others who share your interest in improving their confidence in communicating accurately in English.

Things you can do in the BELFAST Self Access Centre
  • Introduce yourself and talk to us about your language needs.
  • Complete a diagnostic test to help us make recommendations to improve your accuracy and fluency in using English for a range of purposes.
  • Discuss how we can help you to create your Personal Learning Plan.
  • Use a range of recent and relevant resources to help you increase your confidence in using the English you need: General English grammar / vocabulary, sector-specific vocabulary.
  • Go online, so that you can be more confident in using the websites and apps that can help you to improve your English and your job-hunting skills.
  • Carry out a review, normally every 4 weeks or online, of your progress - with ideas, suggestions and recommendations for a revised Personal Learning Plan for the next month.
  • ... and meet, talk to and network with like-minded people.